Name / AgesCityCategory
Golden Performing Arts Center Golden Performing Arts Center
Ages 6 - 19 years
West Hills Acting
Relevé Studios Relevé Studios
Ages 7 years - Adult
Tarzana Acting
Ages 5 & up
Sherman Oaks Acting
Beverly Hills Playhouse Acting School
Ages 7 - 17 years
Beverly Hills Acting
Cynthia Bain's Young Actor Studio
Ages 6 & up
Studio City Acting
La Valle Actor's Workshop
Sherman Oaks Acting
Michelle Danner Acting Studio at Edgemar Center for the Arts
Ages 4 & up
Santa Monica Acting
Santa Monica Playhouse Workshops
Ages 4 - 17 years
Santa Monica Acting
TVI Actors Studio
Ages 7 & up
Sherman Oaks Acting
Young Actors at Strasberg
Ages 7 - 18 years
West Hollywood Acting
Young Actors Project
Ages 7 - 18 years
Malibu Acting
Young Actors Space
Ages 5 & up
Sherman Oaks Acting
Young Actors Studio
North Hollywood Acting

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