25 Point Prepare

 25 Point Plan Research Paper

This can be a 25 point plan that the Nazi party first declared when it was developed; The unity of all German-speaking peoples.

The abolition from the Treaty of Versailles.

Land and colonies to feed Germany's human population.

Only Germans can be people. No Jew can be a German citizen. Persons in Germany who aren't citizens need to obey exceptional laws pertaining to foreigners. Just German citizens can vote, be employed or hold general public office. Citizens are entitled to a career and a good standard of living. In the event that this can not be achieved, foreigners (with no rights since citizens) ought to be expelled. No more immigration of non-German must be allowed. All foreigners who may have come to Germany as 1914 has to be expelled. Almost all citizens possess equal privileges and responsibilities.

The first duty of a citizen is to operate.

All obligations to jobless people should end.

Most profits manufactured by profiteers during the war should be shared. Nationalisation of open public industries*.

Significant companies need to share their very own profits.

Retirement benefits must be improved.

Help intended for small outlets and businesses; large office stores** must be closed down. Property change to give small farmers their land.

An all-out challenge against crooks, profiteers, etc ., who has to be punished by simply death. Change of the law to make it more A language like german.

Improve education so that most Germans will get a job.

Improve people's health by making a law for individuals to do sport. Abolition with the Army, and a new People's Army instead. German papers must be clear of foreign impact.

Freedom of faith.

Strong central government with unrestricted specialist.

The Fascista Party Program, 24 March 1924

Scource: http://www.johndclare.net/Weimar_25_point_programme.htm