A Model intended for Integrated Analysis of Sustainable Development

 A Model intended for Integrated Analysis of Sustainable Development Dissertation

Resources, Conservation and Taking 43 (2005) 189–208

An auto dvd unit for built-in assessment of sustainable advancement Damjan Krajnc, Peter Glaviˇ ∗ c

Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, University of Maribor, Smetanova 17, PO Box 219, SI-2000 Maribor, Slovenia Received 8 12 , 2003; recognized 8 June 2004

Summary The focus of the paper is on account of how to work with indicators to monitor environmentally friendly development within a relevant and useful manner. Integrated information on sustainable progress a company is very essential for decision-making since it is incredibly difficult to judge the efficiency of the organization on the ground of too many indications. The objective of the effort was to style a model to get obtaining a blend sustainable development index (ICSD ) to be able to track integrated information on economic, environmental, and social overall performance of the firm with time. Normalized indicators had been associated in three durability sub-indices and finally made up into an overall indicator of any company overall performance. This was utilized by deciding the impact of individual indication to the general sustainability of any company using the concept of discursive hierarchy process. The demo of the model used info for a case study company, Henkel, and a couple of sustainable advancement indicators that have been classified using the currently most widely accepted way of the Global Reporting Effort (GRI). Example was used to measure ICSD and durability sub-indices from the company within the time interval of 6 years. Interpretation of results has and the power of ICSD with its significance for decision-making is mentioned. Using a example, the daily news demonAbbreviations: AHP, analytic structure process; Leurre, American Company of Chemical substance Engineers; COD, chemical o2 demand; CWRT, Center to get Waste Reduction Technologies; EMAS, eco-management and auditing system; EUR, euro; GRI, Global Reporting Initiative; IChemE, Institution of Substance Engineers; INTERNATIONALE ORGANISATION FUR STANDARDISIERUNG, International Corporation for Standardization; SD, environmentally friendly development; UP, unit of production; VOC, volatile organic and natural compound; WBCSD, World Organization Council for Sustainable Development; WCED, Globe Commission about Environment and Development ∗ Corresponding publisher. Tel.: +386 2 229 44 fifty-one; fax: +386 2 252 77 74. E-mail address: [email protected] si (P. Glaviˇ ). c 0921-3449/$ – see front matter © 2004 Elsevier B. Sixth is v. All rights reserved. doi: 10. 1016/j. resconrec. 2005. 06. 002


D. Krajnc, G. Glaviˇ / Resources, Preservation and Recycling where possible 43 (2005) 189–208 c

strates that the model can be applied to deliver composite symptoms of durability performance of companies. © 2004 Elsevier B. Versus. All rights reserved. Keywords: Sustainable advancement; Sustainability signals; Composite index; Sustainability assessment; Multiattribute decision-making

1 . Intro Sustainable creation (SD) may be the concept that plays important role in business and industry in the 21st century. Industry sector is liable for appreciable materials flows within just human world as well as the exchange of material and energy while using environment.

Nomenclature Symbols & IA indication whose increasing value provides positive impact in the perspective of sustainability − IA signal whose increasing value provides negative impact in the perspective of durability + IA average benefit of indication with impact in the period selected − IA average value of indicator with negative effect in the period selected composite resin sustainable creation index ICSP + Imin indicator with minimum value and impact on the sustainability − Imin indicator with minimum worth and bad impact on the sustainability + Imax sign with maximum value and positive impact for the sustainability − indicator with maximum worth and negative impact on the sustainability Imax + IN normalized sign whose raising value has positive impact on the sustainability − IN...

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M. Krajnc, L. Glaviˇ / Resources, Preservation and Taking 43 (2005) 189–208 c

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