Nowadays educational excellence among the young is given much importance. While it is usually perfectly suitable to make an effort to achieve very good academic results, the notion that just academic quality guarantees an effective life is not true. Students happen to be pressured in taking more subjects than they can manage and this causes immense pressure among our young. The question is can this endeavour definitely confirm a dynamic upcoming? I don't agree that educational excellence assurance our successful life. The reason is , without academics excellence, people still can success in your daily course. With business also human can achievement. For example Expenses Gates is the first president of Microsoft in operating-system computer. With create of the Microsoft pc and sell that he can turn into a successful businessman. Besides that, people may success with through make use of their talent that they have. For instance , Dato' Siti Nurhaliza each of our first performer in Malaysia become accomplishment with only use her talent devoid of have academics excellence. From nothing, recognition and success as we know and find out now. Besides as a musician, she also include own business. She also always be the minister plenipotentiary of beauty product. Finally, someone can also successful anytime without high education through family background. By way of example someone that delivered of riches families, which may have own firm. Without quality academic surrounding this line of business can still succeed provided that they can in good governance. Through family-owned business also someone nonetheless can achievement in their life. General, not necessarily with no academic excellence a person can't success in their life. That has other way someone can easily success with no academic brilliance such as through talent, business or with background family.