Ad Council's Aids Marketing campaign

 Essay about Ad Council’s Aids Marketing campaign

Problem Assertion:

The Ad authorities AIDS advertising campaign wasn't good launched the against SUPPORTS campaign, low acceptance by the publicity as a result of promiscuity and mislead people to have everyday sex and create convinced that use condom can be steer clear of risk with AIDS contamination. Woman group felt the ads only emphasize responsibilities on female but not upon man plus the men group suspected the credibility utilization of condoms may not able to prevent AIDS effectiveness. Suggested Ad council to acquire another SUPPORTS campaign to targeted group on heterosexually active woman, due to girl was excessive involvement with sexual actions from the figured 52% having had two to five love-making partners, 21% for half a dozen or more companions reported. In other hand, girl seems even more acceptable the truth and capable to adapt alter and finding out how to prevent ADIS shown in case. Some assisting analysis proven and turned out that feminine has the attribute as following: • Larger conscious on risk

• More chariness and empathy feeling

• More feeling and expressive

• Even more responsibility

• More likely to be perpetrators of misuse as well as victims • Simpler to change and adapt the modern environment and behaviors Near the abovementioned a lot of the males (men) are and more easily convinced by females (woman), if the woman alterations attitude upon sexual actions, most likely the boys would replace the attitude toward to the information and issues too. Advised Solution

In the case shown, woman was unsatisfied the ads prejudiced and only put woman intended for responsible in prevent ADIS. To create a plan and ads NOT to generate woman experience under pressure of responsibility likewise offend all of them the nature of sexual contact. Clearly states out the statements since dangerous of AIDS, danger and probability of getting AIDS is substantial involvement of sex. Problems are important to woman personal relevance implications and values. Create excessive awareness of negative consequences (negative psychosocial) in the event that woman certainly not...

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