Advertisement Analysis: G-Energy Motor Oil with Jason Statham

 Advert Examination: G-Energy Motor Oil with Jason Statham Article


G-Energy Motor Oil

([Gazprom Neft)



At times you are not provided any choice when facing situations traveling. You have to make decisions in less than an additional. G-ENERGY AUTOMOTIVE PRODUCTS works just like fast. It is adaptive formulation activates carrying out enhancing chemicals the second you need.


What a wrap! Many thanks.


Which person that is aware a little bit about driving understands this flawlessly. [Being sarcastic, because Russian viewers is conscious about Transporter 1; 2; 3]

V/O Close-up of the item.


GENRE: Action

It is not necessarily difficult to discover genre on this advert for its pace. They have used action because it is more appealing to Statham's fans, affiliates with Jason's films, cars-> motor oil.

TARGET AUDIENCE: Is G to B (18 – about 50)

STRUCTURES: Realist, Surreal, Computer animation (Graphics).

Buildings used:


Real (For some people) situation on the highway, used to present potential buyers great the car works together with the motor oil they are promoting. This technique and idea that this type of thing can happen to you nearly everyday would appeal more to racers whom love mouth watering their automobiles for velocity. (Although knowing how dangerous the traffic can be in Moscow and St . Petersburg, My spouse and i wouldn't end up being surprised in the event that something like that chase happens to people who have are not considering racing)


Used the moment Jason hard drives through glass/ice wall, lots of ice cubes lures everywhere. That technique and shots are more comfortable with make the ad look more beneficial. After that camera goes into an engine to show a Close Up of just how everything performs and why motor oil is so important within a car.


The inner shot from the engine, when exhibiting how exactly it works with the motor oil. This is utilized first of all to exhibit the importance in the oil not to mention to obtain viewer's interest. Shot in the engine isn't something the thing is everyday, so it get's focus of the right target audience.

APPROACHES: Celebrity Endorsement, Brand Understanding, Colour, Editing and enhancing (Special effects), Intertextuality.

Methods used:


The superstar of the ad is Jerrika Statham who is now well known all over the world internet marketing an excellent new driver in films like Transporter 1; two; 3, Fatality Race, Crank 1; 2 .

Why used?

Jason Statham is used to endorse the item. In the advert they demonstrate him driving a car a fast car very appropriately and after that someone can be putting G-ENERGY Motor Oil in the car. Relating to all the films he could be a great rider, so this individual associates with fast automobiles, and quickly cars associates with automotive products. So the powerful technique they may have used in this kind of advert is that Jason Statham knows the product he is marketing. Also mainly because Jason Statham is rich and renowned, people know that he will just use the ideal. By being from this advert Jerrika Statham is definitely giving the message for the target audience ‘I recommend G-ENERGY, because I am aware what Now i am talking about'.

installment payments on your BRAND CONSCIOUSNESS.

Gazprom Neft (Gas-prom Oil) is a popular company and G-Energy Motor Oil is a item they have got for years today. So consumer knows really on the market.

Why used?

What Gasprom Neft is trying to do is to become more/new buyers by making this advert and using several techniques in it. Brand recognition is a very highly effective influence in brand decision. People are obtaining things they may be aware of elizabeth. g. they have seen just before on TV, employed before, recently been recommended to try and so forth Good way of getting people aware about your manufacturer is promotional freebies (Pens, Pocket Calendars, Diaries, Custom business cards holders with Brand Logo on it)


I think that colour is an extremely important depth in that offer. Colours employed – Mostly ORANGE, BLACK and BLUE-GREY.

Orange colored – Nisan R35 GT-R (Jason Statham's car), Flames, Sparks, Flash when camera shows from inside the engine, the...