"Anak" response paper

 «Anak» effect paper

п»їFranco Mari J. Malolos

M seventy two

1 . Based on the film Anak, what specific problems do OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker) father and mother and their children face? Give three tangible examples. a. Unfamiliarity of family members and change in tendencies

i. With the first few moments of the movie, Josie happens in the Korea. A friend and her kids greet her but the girl does not recognize her kids right away. Your woman gracefully greets her kids the moment that she found that it was infact them previously all grown up. Since the girl was in another country for a long time, her children didn't know how to react to her gracefulness and felt just a little awkward, particularly for Daday, the youngest of her 3 children, to whom she still left at an extremely early age. And so there is an unfamiliarity with the face and ofcourse in behavior. Kids grow up and eventually get accustomed to not being around their OFW parents and so their habit towards these people also change. b. Struggle to reconnect to each other

i. It was also apparent in your movie the children were struggling to become open to Josie, most especially Carla. Carla seemed her mother betrayed her by not really coming back residence and not contacting them once she was gone. Therefore she grew up not having a mother who does look out for her and teach her the favorable values that she necessary. Carla became influenced by wrong people. When her mother finally came residence, she seemed her mother was not element of her lifestyle anymore and stopped patient about her. She never told her testimonies of so what happened to her lifestyle. Also, Jordan had a struggle to tell her that his complete scholarship acquired voided, and Daday had a hard time staying comfortable with Josie. All this is a result of the experiences of Josie's kids that she missed. She wasn't able to be there on her children during the times wherein they will needed her the most. And so the children lost their impression of secureness and struggled to obtain it back. c. Living in the Philippines

i actually. As simple as it sounds, In my opinion that OFWs find it...