assignment 304 task a

 assignment 304 task a Essay

Assignment 304

Task A

When working we must most understand the duty of care. We have a responsibility towards each of our Service Users and need to remember we certainly have a duty to respect these people, their opinions and handle them with pride. This includes employed in a way which protects them from damage, danger and abuse whilst acknowledging their particular choices and preferences.

Each of our Duty of Care impacts our part as we have to know and stick to all risk assessments and policies and procedures in place whilst continuous to admiration the views and decisions of the Services User. For example , you may have a Service User who refuses to wash and costume when presented assistance which in turn creates a conflict/dilemma being that we have a Duty of Care plus the Service End user has a directly to refuse. At times you may be capable to gently inspire the Services User to change their brain and they may allow you to aid them, nevertheless at times you may have to ask Senior Members of staff to possess a gentle word with the Assistance User while sometimes a different person, maybe an individual in expert or an individual they have noted a lot longer and possess a relationship with can assist. A Service Consumer must know that their legal rights and thoughts are respected. Sometimes when a Service End user refuses support or assistance this can be upsetting for the Social Proper care Worker because they may feel that they have not carried out their particular job properly however we must remember that the Service Consumer has the right to refuse personal care.

The Treatment giving Organisation must stick to the Duty of Care within a setting for example a residential attention home. This ensures that the Service Users are protected as well as the personnel. This is likely because all codes of practice will be carried out which makes the home a more secure environment. This kind of ensures that accurate procedures happen to be followed including, all required training is carried out and up to date, most equipment is on a regular basis checked and chemicals are stored properly.

It can be our Work as Social Care Employees...