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In The " Financial " Concept of Education Freire discusses the conventional way of educating as a snare that makes an oppressive environment in education and cripples learners in their understanding and their ability to take action someday. Freire examines that the educator and college student relationship has contributed heavily to the oppressive ambiance in the classroom and encourages ignorance on behalf of students. I problem Friere's thoughts of getting out education as we know it today; and instead incorporate the traditional kinds of the past and the new difficulty posing solution of the future jointly. Reflecting on my experiences in education and analyzing the written text of Friere I have developed my own theory of education. Students need to believe they are the future and need to be ready to act and fill the roles they may be given in times of success and times of inability. A balanced education will prepare them for those situations that they will be faced with in their long term outside the classroom. My own knowledge as a college student has allowed me personally to develop multiple opinions regarding Freire's concerns on typical learning fantastic innovative notion of problem solving education. I believe that my effect and opinion's to Freire's essay can be moderate, I think that when a student is only exposed to traditional learning after that yes he / she will be crippled. However , in my experience as a student, I believe you will find occasions in which an environment of the teacher educating and pupils listening entirely appropriate. Presently there needs to be a balance between nontraditional learning and traditional learning. Freire's banking idea is a great occurring event in today's education but My spouse and i wouldn't always go so far as diagnosing that must be the problem the fact that education system needs to get rid of. I believe there is value to both problems solving means of learning and a traditional style of learning and students should be exposed to equally during their education. I no longer believe we could live in a world where there were all people who were eccentric scholars and talked out about everything, and i also also no longer believe we are able to live in a new of passive learners whom just listened. Students today need to learn both skills and both means of learning in order to be an active learner. Freire pulls a lot of problems in education in the teacher and student romantic relationship. He feels, " The teacher presents himself to his college students as their required opposite; by simply considering their ignorance absolute, he justifies his very own existence. " Freire talks about that the normal atmosphere is definitely the classroom is one of violence by the tutor. The only way this individual knows that he's a teacher is by producing his students feel because they know nothing at all until this individual teaches these people. Freire is convinced there is danger if the college student accepts this passive position in the classroom. This individual believes to simply accept their role of ignorance in education only will be a behavior to them when they have to adapt beyond the classroom and in reality. How will they discover how to act after they have never been asked to behave? Friere feels the idea of lack of knowledge and not understanding when to act leaves students incomplete and unable to turn into " completely human”. Though I agree with Friere which the teacher and student relationship is extremely important for the student's capacity to learn and take in the information that the teacher is offering, I believe a teacher could be effective even if they instruct in a spiel style school. Last year, within my AP govt class I was taught by Mrs. Foppert who had recently been my dormitory parent for two years and who I use become incredibly close with. Mrs. Foppert developed the pattern training by a lecture for 50 percent the week and then the other half of obtaining debates or perhaps heavy dialogue based classes. Even though there are classes that have been in the style of a lecture and Friere would consider us to become, " receptacles” waiting to get filled by the teacher. There were also classes where we held debates and...