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 Glory Assessment Essay

The 54th Ma Volunteer Infantry was a significant event because was the initial formal unit of the United State Military services to be made-up entirely of Black, or African American guys. Over one hundred and eighty, 000 Dark-colored men offered in the Union army in the 54th Ma Volunteer Infantry and were led simply by Colonel Robert Gould Shaw. Another person that had affected the blacks to join the union military services was an ex-slave called Frederick Douglass. After Abraham Lincoln experienced issued the Emancipation Aveu, many Dark-colored men got their minds in the warfare against slavery which the Civil War came into existence of as a result of Emancipation Proclamation. The movie Beauty historically reflects and reenacts the moments coming from what acquired happened in the 54th Ma Volunteer Soldires.

Beauty was a film that was filmed in 1989 wherever it written by Kevin Jarre and was based on the private letters of Colonel Robert Gould Shaw. Glory was mainly regarding the 54th Massachusetts Offer Infantry, that has been the 1st actual US Army that may be compromised of only African American men. Colonel Robert Gould Shaw was the commanding police officer during the American Civil Conflict. He was also the kid of an influential abolitionist. As well Glory pictured many African American who had self volunteered for the 54th Ma Volunteer Soldires.

Sometimes movies portray history dubiously; however , with all the movie Wonder, Glory typically accurately shows the 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry. The dates plus the places which were stated or perhaps used through the entire movie had been accurate. Instantly in the beginning from the movie, the Battle of Antietam was portrayed. The Battle of Antietam was mainly with regards to a draw militarily. Because of the Fight of Antietam, Abraham Lincoln who was the president at that time, decided to launch the Emancipation Proclamation. The Emancipation Declaration that was issued simply by Abraham Lincoln was stated several times in the beginning of the movie where Robert Gould Shaw was...