Bullies Dissertation

Dictators versus School Bullies

What does that feel like to obtain no independence? Both bullies and dictators savor currently taking other people's freedom away. Some people believe that dictators only can be found in the political world, other folks believe dictator is too severe of a subject for someone. Therefore, many people call dictators other brands such as bullies. School bullies, who is a great overbearing individual that pries on the smaller and weaker kids, may seem less hazardous and questionable than dictators, but are truly very similar to them in several ways. Whereas dictators are responsible for a huge country and institution bullies will be in charge of a tiny school, they are similar in a number of different ways. 1 similarity among dictators and school bullies is their particular personalities. There are extremely arrogant, regarding themselves as the best authority out there. They produce their own guidelines and expect people to stick to them, those who do not get punished. Both university bullies and dictators usually do not want to be known as the less strong person, they're extremely strict with their rules and outcomes. As period pass on and a school bully's or dictator's reign becomes longer, they begin to believe their particular rules are definitely the only guidelines that exist and forget about the actual law. One more similarity between school bullies and dictators is the way they use assault. They use physical violence to remain " powerful. ” Both need to ensure that all their followers under no circumstances make a stand and fight back against them. Intimidation is the key for them, as well as mental and mental is used to frighten other folks. Bullies and dictators use punishment of any sort, both of study course have their own ways. When every bullies or dictators feel warned or someone disobeys their particular so called guidelines, they locate whatever method to reprimand them. Only to show others that there is no chance that they are gonna fall again. Both dictators and bullies like to combat against the weaker people because they for any fact that they will win. The between...