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 Business Traditions in Russian federation Essay

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Russia •1. Introduction •2. Russia •3. Appearance •4. Behavior •5. Comunications •6. ConclusionsNever neglect in Spain •Russia is usually not European Union. •Russia is definitely not Asian Country. •Russia is the biggest country in the world. •Russia is known as a Rich country. •Russian will be proud of their history. •Russian are proud of their region. Business tradition Russia •The Russian Federation has above 140 mil people •Cover an area of seven. 106 Km2. •The nation has gone through many changes in recent years, while communism resulted in 1991. • 2 . Russia Business traditions Russia •Men: dress darker suits and dark shoes. •Women: outfit rather conservatively, avoiding overly flashy or gaudy clothes. Skirts should be worn instead of pants. •Businessman's wardrobe shows the person's image as a professional. •People do not value to take off clothing during transactions, and never stand with turn in pockets. •Russian climate is pretty cold. Although inside properties it is usually warm. • several. Appearance Business culture Spain •It is usually expected to land on time to almost all business visits. •Russian can be late, since this may be a test of your patience. (They don't use to apologice about this ) •Patience is an extremely crucial virtue amongst Russians. •Meeting can be of 1 or 2 hours. •When nervous-looking hands with someone, be sure to take off the gloves, as it is considered rude. •There can be described as Russian term meaning " connections" or perhaps " influences”. It is extremely challenging to do business in Russia with no help by a local. To assist with this, gifts, funds or different items are often a good idea when doing business in Russia. •Caution: Russians even now view give up as a indication of some weakness, and often refuse to back down. some. BehaviorBusiness lifestyle Russia •Russian is the official language. •Russians are highly well written, and have almost a 100% literacy level. (Never say the oposite) •Many Russians talks English •Speaking or having a laugh loudly in public is considered irritating, as Russians are generally...