Classification of Computer Users

 Classification of Computer Users Dissertation

Steven Cespedes


College Writing

January 9th, 2012

Classification of Computer Users

The sound of the computer keyboard typing aside and the pressing of the mouse through the night has become a normal happening inВ everyВ American home. В Staying until two or three in the morning browsing the net has become a feature of many computer users today. В Since the personal computer has been developed life, work, and satisfaction have improved drastically. В With the creation of the net, the possibilities with computers are typical but countless. В People surely have the ability to contact others from all over the world. With of these technologiesВ working together, computer systems have become necessary for homes and businesses everywhere. Although the majority of pcs are similar in concept, differing people use them in several ways. В Some use their particular computers for work and more as a way to obtain entertainment. So long as the world is out there, there will be several different types of computer users.

The hacker is usually one type of computer user, they spend the majority of ofВ theirВ time electronically breaking into various other computer's. В The word hacker is identifiable with internet crimes, nevertheless hackers are quite intelligent individuals with a vast familiarity with computers. В They spend their particular time looking to break through security systems of various networks coupled to the internet. В Hackers are famous for penetrating CIA directories, credit card companies, or even more recently the PlayStation Network and wreaking havoc. В These people stay up for hours looking for codes and passwords for various devices on the net in the hopes of obtaining some type of important information. В There are many websites and message boards dedicated to this past time which educates the public as well as fresh hackers for their game. В They know how the computers operate and are usually very acquainted with programming dialects, so they can generate their own applications to break security passwords. В Half of times...