Figure Analysis: Dracula

 Character Examination: Dracula Article


By Emily Braren

Block 3

Dracula has multi-personalities in the novel Dracula, such as charming when he needed to be enchanting; and then vicious, nasty, and hostile, at other times. Dracula's " force”, you may say, had effect on the personalities of several persons. Dracula's primary themes he brought out that individuals were the kind, noble, and brave attributes of people, as well as the more unpleasant sides of individuals, such as the vicious, easily disliked, and held sides of folks.

Anyone who the most faithful fans of Dracula, and the individual that was most affected by arsenic intoxication Dracula was the infamous asylum patient, Renfield. When Dracula was around, he generally took over a possessed quality. He also acted peculiar, and could run to the chapel door of the left behind house Dracula owned. Away of all of Renfield's attributes he possessed when Dracula was around, good and bad, the worst one was when he would behave as if having been demon, and he would always be very aggresive, secretive, faraway, and mysterious. (All simultaneously a shifty look came into his eyes… He started to be quite peaceful, and resigned on the end of his bed…” Dracula, site 111). The best quality Renfield undoubtedly possessed once Dracula was around was your qualities of diligence, loyalty, respect, and honor intended for his wicked and despicable " Master”. (" I actually shall be affected person Master…” Dracula, page 113).

When Dracula was around, he affected several people to do a lot of bad items, like stroking the blood of little children. Dracula influenced the character known as Lucy quite a bit. Following Dracula took Lucy's blood, Lucy slowly and gradually started to perish. After her death, Dracula stayed around a little while to see her, but left quickly once his secret was discovered. Dracula influenced Lucy to steal the lives of little faithful children inside the night, and be vicious once confronted the moment she was among the undead. (The signifies on the kids neck were created by Sharon! She is the ‘Bloofer Lady'… Dracula, site 206)....