Chilean Water piping Mine Fall Report

 Chilean Copper mineral Mine Collapse Report Dissertation

Week 4: Chilean Copper mineral Mine Collapse Report

Monique Carr


February twenty one, 2013

Instructor: Yuvonne Richmond

Chilean Birdwatcher Mine Collapse Report

In the document that I needed to research called " Above 30 staff trapped following Chilean Birdwatcher Mine Collapse” (Weik, 2010) it covers what took place on August 5, 2010 in which the San Jose mine collapsed trapping approximately 35 workers. The article indicated that prior to the collapse a perilous accident occurred in 2007 which will closed the mine for any period of time yet later exposed in the after part of the season. It also thorough that the rescuers were looking to locate the employees so they can be able to drill their way into the my own in order to provide the employees with food, water, and oxygen but a second fall occurred in that process. The additional articles My spouse and i reviewed regarding this survey did not give enough fine detail regarding the position of the minors and their overall health but mentioned more regarding the company great why this occurred and providing transactions such as " Major exploration accidents happen to be uncommon in Chile, the world's leading cooper producer” (Arthur, 2010) and saying " How Chile is the top water piping producer on the globe so exploration accidents happen to be uncommon in when their monitored so closely by authorities” (Soto, 2010). Basically, the content never really explained why and exactly how this event occurred the communication had not been very effective.

Effective interaction is very important whatever the way it can be used to speak with the audience. A few of the considerations to become given in different roles and speaking with the several audiences you should consider the communication obstacle, cultural variety, perceptions, and body language of the audience. In case the communication is completed incorrectly it could actually affect not by yourself the groups of the workers although also the reputation of the business. The...

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