Conformity vs Individuality

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conformity vs individuality

As human beings existence are based around the skinny blue range that sets apart conformity and individuality. Often times we are mixed up and rushed, and we bring this range too short or too long, hence being an excessive amount of a conformist or someone. Conformity is important to life. Individuals, being complicated animals, stay in a culture that features as a whole. If there is a mistake, the complete system may well crumble. So , we are obliged to shell out taxes and respect the law so that we are able to stay together as a whole. Conformity is flawlessly natural. Abraham Maslow's pecking order theory shows acceptance as one of man's most significant goals in life. We normally want to belong to a thing bigger. We naturally need to be accepted by others. However , in modern day terms this kind of acceptance can only be obtained by heading further than all-natural conformity and stepping - rather bouncing - in to popular conformity. At that particular stage we tend to follow the same trends in vogue and personal flavor, whether it be music, movies, or even morals. Conformity is also some kind of a internal shelter. Whenever we do not know what direction to go and are scared, we obviously follow the methods of others to ensure that we may ultimately find a group to take shelter in. Conformity is, in this way, the remedy for isolation. Personality, like conformity, is essential alive even though modern man might not appreciate the value. In one point we want to differ from all of the rest in one way yet another. So we may dress a lttle bit differently and choose to do items we really just like. And, once in my life, we might contact form our thoughts based on what we really feel. Nevertheless , sooner or later our company is forced to control our natural desires in order that society will not label us as eccentric or strange, simply because all of us fear being alone. Modern life of today is puzzling, so sometimes our eyesight is blurry and our choices, produced in the midst of dilemma, may force us in extreme directions of possibly conformity or individuality. We may...