Really does Mood Condition Change Risk Taking Trend in More mature Adults?

 Does Mood State Alter Risk Choosing Tendency in Older Adults? Essay


Chou, K., Ho, Andy L. Y., Shelter, Tatia Meters. C., (2007). Does Feeling State Modify Risk Currently taking Tendency in Older Adults? Journal of Psychology and Aging, 22(2), 310-318.


Everyday, copious amounts of people are placed in various moods which range from happy to sad, to stoked, to greatly depressed, and a plethora of other emotions. Due to our fluctuating emotional states, it is at times difficult for folks to make totally competent decisions, especially in the medical industry, where a somewhat pissed away surgeon may well improperly carry out an open cardiovascular surgical procedure due to what made him so upset earlier in the day. As very few studies have methodically examined the result of age dissimilarities, under the influence of particular mood, in risk choosing tendency, Kee-Lee Chou Ou Al. performed a study directed at addressing the question of how positive and negative moods effect risk currently taking tendency in young and elderly individuals. It is crucial to note that two versions were applied as the basis for this research: the AIM (Affect Infusion Model) suggests that risk taking propensity is elevated by great mood whilst negative feelings decreases risk taking tendency. To further intricate, individuals in positive moods would understand risky choices as possessing a more favorable end result, consequently increasing their determination to take even more risks. On the other hand side, people in adverse moods could perceive the earth as frightening and thus would be more likely to carefully avoid potential losses. The other version that served as the basis for this research was the MMH (Mood-Maintenance Hypothesis), which anticipates a varying outcome wherever people in euphoric feelings have motivation to maintain their state of positive outlook. However , these kind of individuals are certainly not willing to take risks because such action may raise the possibility pertaining to substantial loss. For those within a negative feelings state, there is a greater prospect of acquiring desire as a means to...