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Vicki Goodwin and Bonita Thomson

This syndication has been authored by Vicki Goodwin and Bonita Thomson and produced by students Services Marketing and sales communications Team for the Open University Centre for Educational Guidance and Student Support. It updates and creates on the previously publication Mature Students and Dyslexia (1995).

The Available University Walton Hall Milton Keynes MK7 6AA 1st published 2001. Second edition 2004. Third edition 06\. Copyright В© 2006 The Open University or college All legal rights reserved. No part of this publication could possibly be reproduced, trapped in a retrieval system, sent or applied to any contact form or in any respect, electronic, mechanised, photocopying, recording or otherwise, with no written permission from the publisher or a license from the Copyright laws Licensing Organization Ltd. Details of such permits (for reprographic reproduction might be obtained from the Copyright Guard licensing and training Agency Ltd of 90 Tottenham Court Road, Birmingham W1P 0LP. Edited, designed and typeset by The Open University. Branded in the United Kingdom simply by Hobbs the Printer Limited, Brunel Street, Totton, Hampshire SO40 3WX ISBN N978 0 7492 1260 your five 2


Section you What is dyslexia? Defining dyslexia Effects of dyslexia Recognizing dyslexia Studying with dyslexia What are the challenges? Reading Moment for study Choosing courses Learning styles six

Section 2 Mainly for learners


Section 3 In hopes of students

Study strategies twenty-one Finding the own approach Getting structured Strategies to assist with general analyze skills Ways to help with particular subjects Revising and tests 42 Contemplating revision and exams How can you memorize? Paving the way pertaining to revision Modification activities through the course Preparing revision classes The exam How technology can help Assistance with reading Aid in writing Assist with taking notes Assist with individual words Help with arranging ideas The net Using assistive technology in exams How you can support your students Which will of your college students are dyslexic? Working with different learners Approaches for tutors Resources Books Organizations Websites Open up University methods Disabled Students' Allowances Proofreading checklist Actions Activity a few Your preferred learning style Activity 4 Proper brain – left human brain 54

Section 4 In hopes of students

Section 5 Mainly for students

Section 6 In hopes of tutors


Section six


Appendix 1 Appendix 2

seventy four 76

three or more


This guide is for anyone who has an interest in dyslexia. Chances are to be especially useful to college students and tutors. It was authored by members in the Open College or university and reflects the experience of ET students, but we hope that other college students and instructors will find it is suggestions helpful too. Actions and suggestions to try out happen to be spread throughout the book, apart from Activities three or more and some, which take a lot of space and so to get convenience have been completely placed in a great appendix at the conclusion.


The 2 definitions of dyslexia in section 1 . 1 arrive, respectively, from R. Explanation et approach. Dyslexia, Literacy and Emotional Assessment (draft report of your British Psychological Society functioning party, 1999) and Mls 1993. The distinction among ‘composition' and ‘transcription' adopted in section 3. a few. 5 was made by Frank Smith in Writing and the Article writer (1982, Heinemann). We would like to thank users of the Open University's Dyslexia Working Group and Antonia Weston BSc (Open) pertaining to critical reading of the draft and for their constructive feedback. Illustrations by Rupert Rand.


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