Registration System -- Chapter 1

 Enrollment Program - Phase 1 Dissertation


1 ) 1 Review of the Current Express of Technology

It truly is evident this time around that in different form, technology is being applied. Technology is known as a general term for the processes by which individuals fashion tools and machines to increase their control and understanding of the material environment (Meritt, 2006). The modern world of high technology could not have come about apart from the development of the computer. Different types and sizes of computers find uses through society inside the storage and handling of information, from key governmental data files to financial transactions to private home accounts. Computer systems have became available a new age in manufacturing throughout the techniques of automation, plus they have increased modern conversation systems. They can be essential equipment in almost every discipline of exploration and applied technology, coming from constructing models of the whole world to generating tomorrow's weather data, and their employ has in itself opened up fresh areas of rumours. Database solutions and laptop networks make available a great selection of information options. The same advanced techniques as well make possible invasions of private and organization privacy (Meritt, 2005). Latest developments in information technology have transformed how organizations conduct business. Today, companies are reducing costs using real-tine electronic communications, enhancing customer intimacy by leveraging the internet, and taking advantage of start up business model including distributed sale and trading hubs. Yet many elderly leaders lack the tools to evaluate and communicate the business influence that i . t can bring with their organization. Today, no matter in what professional work one is engaged in, the personal laptop is an important and highly noticeable part of receiving work done. Those without a personal computer or personal that do pc related activity will be working at a severe advantage. Thus, a chance to produce quality work is diminished. The effect of information technology is nearby adopted by academe in which most of the solutions they offer employ computers. There are institutions currently that use enrollment system. In addition, since distinct institutions uses enrollment program to provide a great organized method of registering students, St . Louis Review Middle a review center for breastfeeding licensure examinations is indeed must have an registration system for the students who would like to enroll for a review. Different schools in Region XII that provide registered nurse graduates and unlicensed nurses are the prospect student-reviewee with the said centre; it accommodates as many reviewee per assessment period. St Louis Assessment Center began its operation on Summer 10, 2006 having 80 student-reviewee. SLRC is a medical licensure assessment review centre that provides extensive review programs in medical employing state-of-the-art technology and multimedia method to prepare medical graduates and Filipino nursing staff to pass the necessary examinations. Intensive test preparedness sessions utilizing, lecture discussions, LCD's and computers are provided. Likewise, enhancement and seminars, continuing education programs and updates on issues and trends associated with the practice of nursing jobs in the Philippines and other countries shall become conducted (SLRC Profile). Since that time, there are vast numbers of breastfeeding graduates today that St Louis Review Center are not able to accommodate rapidly all the enrollees for a assessment course. Registration system eliminates mix-up and confusion on the part of the personnel. It should serve to save time and energy and should lessen use of papers. It must offer a secured means of keeping a database of enrollees, particularly if it has a wonderful security and back-up system provided with the enrollment system. It is that is why that the research workers conduct this kind of study. 1 ) 2 Study Objectives

1 ) 2 . one particular General Goal

The research study was was executed to...