Ethical Issues about Edward Snowden Case

 Ethical Problems about Edward cullen Snowden Case Essay

п»їEthical Concerns Surrounding the Edward Snowden Case

Edward cullen Snowden was seen as a trustworthy person by his peers and managers. This trust was the significant downfall in the NSA; because of this trust Snowden was given specific privileges which should not have been given to him. When the case broke a large number of people were resolute that he was guilty, several thought that his actions had been justified while others were just on the wall. We need to question the question was Edward Snowden really wrong in his actions? Why do he do it? Did this individual really betray his region? When it came to his realization the NSA had systems set up to " spy" in citizens he became concerned. The fact of privacy infringements was what worried Snowden. He did not want to offer government secrets but rather hit the whistle on what the NSA was secretly doing. Of course the federal government did not notice it that way; that they deemed him as a risk to the state. Though arguments can come up for both equally sides and yes he would essentially break the law by simply breaching the National Secureness Agency, Snowden was right in genuine thoughts which are that citizens assumed they'd privacy. Nevertheless , his course of action could have been better. If there was clearly a whistle blowing program in place then simply he would have used that. Finding out this kind of information can send any individual " off their hinges" which is why anybody can rationalize with Snowden to a point. The arguments manufactured that he betrayed his country because he fled to Russia in which he was approved temporary asylum is a good disagreement because it manufactured him appearance guilty. Nonetheless it could have been because he was in fear of his safety. He made it clear that this individual did not want to expose the blueprints in the NSA program so that different countries may have better technology to spy on their particular people nevertheless just that this individual felt people had a directly to know, making sense towards the common person. But the fact of the subject is people panic and information that way being released can cause a frenzy which can be the reason why...