Fear of delight

 Fear of happiness Essay

John Keep

October 24, 2014


Paul KorzeniowskiFear of Joy

Fear of Happiness

" Unhappiness is often considered as something to be prevented, averted or taken away. Yet the latest studies uncover that for some people, feeling good is exactly what scares these people, ” (Rodriguez, 2013). An associate of my very own called me last week worried because every thing in his lifestyle was going right. Steven was frightened something poor was going to happen because he was completely happy. This experienced and brainy person said throughout life, whenever he became triumphant or perhaps ecstatic, he'd wait for anything to come over the hillside. That something unkind, unsatisfactory, or excruciating always generally seems to follow. I discovered with him how he might be having optional insight and was seeing negative events out of undesirable anticipation, instead of from an aligned reason and consequence in which the sensation of joy induced the bad what you should take place in his life. The moment did this notion start to appear in people's minds? For what reason all the unexpected are we afraid to be happy? It is a hard concept to wrap your brain around the anxiety about happiness several experience this kind of phenomenon. Anxiety about Happiness

Backdrop: I could appreciate being scared of spiders, clowns, needles and snakes but afraid of being happy? Today, people think that being pleased with the way their life is heading is a means of showing something wrong is just around around the corner. " Although we appear to idolize happiness as the be-all and end-all of life's desired outcomes, some people, particularly by certain ethnicities, actually dread the state of happiness. In cultures that believe worldly pleasure to be associated with sin, shallowness, and ethical decline will feel significantly less satisfied when ever their lives are (by other standards) running nicely, ” (Whitbourne, 2011). Present Study: People fear great emotions since they chop down like some thing bad will happen the moment they begin to experience happy. There have been two research done on the subject by Mohsen...

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