Literary Examination Paper

 Literary Examination Paper

ENG 102e

Prof. Alan Hickman

Literary Analysis Conventional paper

Jora Cakuli

03 Interest. 2012

" Eveline” simply by James Joyce

Through our lives we find ourself in different conditions and locations and underneath the effect of selection and diversity. Following human nature all of us always have difficulties for more, to get something better, for some thing more beneficial, but upon that course we are actually brought in the front of crossroads, which will determine our subsequent stage of life. In a same crossroad is brought the main character in the history by James Joyce, " Eveline. ” It is a tale of small love, which will talks about a 19 year-old-girl named Eveline. She faces the most important and difficult decision in her your life. Sitting on the window the lady thinks of her childhood and the period when her family was together. Now the family has simply two members, her father and her. Her mother and her brother Ernest are dead and her other brother Harry lives far away. He needs to operate order to gain some money and keep his business alive. Her old daddy makes her work at a store and then takes all her wages. He used to overcome his sons, but recently he has started threatening Eveline. Ironically Joyce shows someone that her father does not respect his daughter will not appreciate her sacrifices. This individual has " begun to threaten her and declare what he'd do to her only for her dead mom's sake” (lines 55-56). With her siblings gone, Eveline does not include anyone to guard her. Dreaming about a new existence, full of joy, joy and love, the lady thinks to flee with a sailor man named Frank, who comes from Buenos Espaces. At this point your woman thinks of her mother and the lifestyle her mom had, that could be described as a " life of commonplace surrender closing in final craziness” (127-128). Eveline does not want to have the life her mother acquired, she would not want to be treated like her mother was. Then, Eveline thinks about the promise the lady made to her mother ahead of she passed away. She assured her mother that she would take care of the family and might try to...

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