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MKT 203 M


Marketing Management

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Spring 2014



Marketing is responsible for growing organizations by simply adapting companies to within today's powerful global and technological environment. Marketing is definitely the function that tracks customers and opponents, searches for opportunities in the two domains, and suggests ways in which firms can change their merchandise offerings to take advantage of those chances available in market. In this way, the marketing function is 1 source of the organization's tactical thinking. This system deals with the management of marketing functions in profit and non income organizations. Besides introducing you to marketing strategy plus the elements of promoting analysis (customer, competitor and company), all of us will also consider the key components of the marketing mix: item management, pricing, distribution, and communication. The focus of the study course will be for the issues of segmentation, focusing on and positioning.



MBA (Major in Marketing)

Grasp of research in Management (Major in Marketing)

PhD in progress Course work competed (Major in Advertising Marketing) E-mail: Shahzadkhan. [email protected] com

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Recommended Book (s)

Advertising Management 12th Edition By simply Philip Kotler

Reference Book (s)

Marketing Administration by Frank Bradley

Advertising Management by Philip Kotler, International Edition

Class Insurance plan

1 . The scholars must reach the class-rooms in time. Overdue comers may well join your class but is probably not entitled to always be marked " present”. 2 . The task submission dead-line must be noticed. In case of late submission, number may be deducted. 3. Individuals who are absent on the announcement time of the assignment/ test, must get the topic/ chapter of the test/ project confirmed through their colleagues. 4. Cell phones must be switched-off or needs to be put on...