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HCI Web design Report1


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HCI Web site design Report

HCI Website Design Survey Abstract The purpose of this task is to use man computer discussion techniques to develop a ticket offering website. I decided to produce a web cinema ticket booking system. The initially stage was going to evaluate existing cinema ticket booking systems. To do this My spouse and i made a few comments on each of the websites I stopped at. I then developed 10 forms and performed statistical evaluation on the outcomes. I made some simplicity heuristics and a low fidelity paper original. This was analyzed and revised after ideas were made with a selection of users. The next level was to design a high faithfulness prototype making use of the information achieved from the above. The high fidelity prototype allows the user to select and book a ticket for their specific film. Advantages It is important to adopt a user centred approach to designing a website to ensure that the site is not hard to use and follows usability heuristics. They are usually

A study On Molich and Nielsen Heuristics.

Comments on 4 Websites Simply by Katy Bergson In this dissertation I will probably be considering the effectiveness of four websites. I will probably be looking especially at in which and what the creators have got put on the internet site. Also just how pictures, composing, colour and graphics are used. They most likely spent quite a while designing and putting this together. Let me try and choose the main decisions and alternatives they have built. This will help all of us understand more about vocabulary used to everyone should be open and ask. The sites I use chosen to look at are Amazon online (the UK site), BASSE CONSOMMATION online, Cornwallis School and Sky athletics. The sites all have different functions and are made to that particular genre's specification. Amazon online marketplace is a web page aiming to promote. BBC online is more about information but it is also advertising its programs. Cornwallis College Site is there to give information regarding that institution. Finally Skies Sports is definitely giving info while at the same time promoting itself (such BBC online). The...


The Human–computer interaction (HCI is the research of Interaction between users and personal computers which takes place at the user interface, which includes both software and hardware, Heuristic evaluation is a good method for obtaining both minor and major problems in a user interface. Together might have anticipated, major danger is slightly easier to find than minor complications, with the possibility for finding specific major simplicity problem by 42 percent on the average for one evaluators in six circumstance studies (Nielsen 1992). Molich and Nielsen [1990a] include listed eight heuristics which can be used to create ideas whilst critiquing the device. These seven principles seem to be well suited because the basis intended for practical heuristic evaluation. These nine concepts correspond approximately to guidelines that are acknowledged in the graphical user interface community and almost all functionality problems suit well as one of these types.

The Human Computer Interaction (HCI) is the analyze of Interaction between users and computers which occurs at the ui, which includes both software and hardware. Connection design is definitely the art of effectively creating interesting and valuable information for others by organizing and presenting info and details in a good manner A central area of issue HCI is usually to develop fun products which can be usable. With this is generally meant easy to study, effective to work with, and rendering an enjoyable customer experience1 HCI consists of 3 parts: an individual, the computer by itself, and the methods they communicate.

The Importance of HCI in Website Development

The guidelines

Molich and Nielsen include listed 10 heuristics which may be used to make ideas although evaluating and designing a method these principles are...

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