How to Become a Us Citizen

 How to Become a United States Citizen Essay

I i am a Asian from Mexico trying to get a U. T. citizen. I know that it

is going to be hard and costly to become a U. S. citizen. I know i

have to go through the Naturalization process by which the U. S. citizenship

Is definitely granted into a foreign citizen after she or he fulfills certain requirements

established by Congress in the Immigration and Nationality Take action. To be

Eligible for naturalization, you must fulfill certain requirements such as:

Must be 18 or perhaps older, be a permanent homeowner for a certain amount of time,

A person great moral figure, have simple knowledge of U. S. background

Government, and be able to go through, write, and speak standard English.

I really do not assume that the United States government policy should favor

certain varieties of immigrants. In the event the United States govt policy allows

certain immigrants into the Usa then they ought to let all

Migrants into the United states of america. All the people who want to turn into a U. H.

resident should have the chance but should follow the same rules since

everybody else. If you are in a position to prove to the us that you can

follow the guidelines and be a fantastic moral character then it probably should not matter.

I do not think that citizenship must be given to the neediest applicants

that they will have to follow the rules just like the the majority of talented, the

most oppressed, and the most wealthy applicant. The government has laws and regulations and

rules to follow no matter who you are and what you do. It may not subject if you are poor or the most wealthy man in. If you are not just a United States

citizen you should have to go through the same processes to become a legal

citizen. No applications from certain countries should not be given top priority

they should have to follow the same laws and processes that everyone else

will. There really should not be any exceptions to the secret.