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 HR procedures Essay

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Hr policies:

1 ) Maternity keep

" My aim is that every employee at Intel Israel can easily honestly say: I believe in the company, I belong to the Intel team and I matter to the firm and its success” said Nirit. Good case is the " Gradual Come back from MLOA” program. All this started whenever we noticed girls working in the manufacturing procedure were not time for their jobs at the end with their maternity keep. After discussing with moms the reasons because of their leaving Intel, we decided to offer mothers the opportunity to go back to work slowly but surely, rather than at the same time. The Steady Return via MLOA system allows mothers in the initially year after having kids to job part time. Intended for the first three months after their maternal leave ends, mothers can work a 25%-time position then for the next six months they can work on 50% of full time. Just at the end of one year the actual mothers need to return to full-time work. installment payments on your Diversity & non-discrimintaion

-Intel aspects values and welcomes range in its workforce. -Provides the same employement options regardless competition, community, color, age, incapacity, maritial position etc . -This applies to all areas of employement.

3. Harassment prohibition

-Intel is dedicated to provide an harassment-free workplace. -harassment in any situations ie; lovemaking, gender, age, religion etc .

4. Workplace safety & environment quality

-comitted to provide secure and beneficial workplace.

-intel seeks to realise a secure business envrmnt.

-environment safety, community safety is taken car of.

a few. prevention of child or forced labour

-intel does not employ any worker under the regarding 16.

-workers below 18 yrs of age are retained away from harmful jobs. -intel forbids fisico punishment or any inhumane treatment.

6. working hours & min. wage std. h

-workweeks would not exceed the most set by...