Hsbc Company Social Responsibility Research Survey

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HSBC Corporation Sociable Responsibility Research Report


HSBC is one of the largest global banks with around 6900 offices in over 85 countries. HSBC Canada features its hq in Vancouver and exec office in Toronto. HSBC has a wide range of business items including commercial banking which gives both household and mix border financing, retail financial and wealth management for personal banking providers, and global banking and markets which gives solutions to get both company, government and individual with foreign opportunities and exchange. (HSBC Canada, 2013)

Interest in CSR studies in HSBC

HSBC is a global bank which includes its headquarter in London, UK. A global corporation like HSBC faces diverse cultures in various countries or perhaps areas whilst doing business. This always produces some of CSR issues in several corporations. However , HSBC can be successfully doing business around the world simply by adapting the area cultures and combining its business model, which can be worthwhile for many international businesses to study from. By doing study on HSBC Canada website and meeting with with Allison Zhou, ORA specialist in HSBC, I actually am able to receive details about HSBC's company social responsibility in their greater strategies and scope with details on their very own daily performs. (See Appendix A)

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in HSBC

HSBC values not only their customers, yet also their particular employees, areas, and government bodies in their daily business (HSBC Canada, 2013). Thus, the CSR in HSBC could be divided into education, environment and sustainability, community, employees and customers in line with the 2011 public accountability declaration of HSBC.


HSBC facilitates education canada by providing scholarships and educational courses for students in various institutions to pursuit all their study in several areas. There may be HSBC Traditional bank Canada Environmental Studies Merit...

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Appendix A