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Martin Luther is known as a German monk. He offers given him self up to the expert of the Catholic Church to deal with the charges that he is a heretical revolutionist. The year is usually 1520 in fact it is taken place in the city of Worms. Historians thought that this trial has led to the birth of the modern world. Martin Luther was on the journey to Worms when a bolt of lightening bumped Luther to the ground. Luther took the lightening to be a call from God, also to the frustration of his father, who hoped he'd become a lawyer, took vows at an Augustinian monastery to begin a in a big way Christian lifestyle. A trip to Ancient rome in 1510 caused Luther to begin to significantly question selected Catholic methods. As he observed incompetent, flippant, and cynical clergy carrying out their ay duties he began to experience questions about the Catholic Cathedral. Encouraged by reception to his opinions, Luther geared towards new targets. He questioned the power of the Church to excommunicate their members, producing that only Goodness could sever spiritual communion. He as well questioned the primacy from the Church in Rome, indicating that there was clearly a lack of historical support to get putting its authority furthermore of additional churches. By holding working to his interpretation of Scripture, Luther provided the impetus for the Reformation, a change movement that will divide European countries into two regions, 1 Protestant and one Catholic. This set the scene to get religious wars. Martin Luther is being recharged on 2 counts. 1, inciting users of the Catholic Church to rebel against the authority and established projet of the widespread Christian church. Two, willful denial of the authority of the Pope and the Catholic Church. Opening assertion: Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. I am Elizabeth and it is my advantage to represent Martin Luther in this case before you today. You may have heard the prosecutors explain what they hope to be tested, but the prosecutors did not tell you " all" of...