Introduction Conversation: Any Old Handbag

 Introduction Talk: Any Old Carrier Essay

Introduction Speech: Any Old Bag Talk

Goal: To help ease speaker's pressure, facilitate entertainment, and provide pertaining to an atmosphere where college students learn about themselves and one another.


Prepare and present a shorter speech (2-4 minutes) based on the idea " Any Old Bag Can do. ” Fill up any old handbag with three items. The bag every item selected should stand for something about your daily life: the first item will need to represent a thing from your past, the second in the present, and the third item representing something about your future. The bag alone should also stand for something of significance about who you are. You will screen each item one at a time and explain just how each item and the carrier exemplify both you and your life.

The items needs to be innovative and is as fuzy as you wish providing you clarify for your audience how it pertains to you or a significant condition. Give your target audience insight into the interests, hobbies, ambitions, desired goals, concerns, etc .

Remember that your things should be large enough to be seen in the back of the area. Passing about objects acts only as a distraction to you personally and you target audience. Also, keep in mind that textbooks, laptops, pictures, and class agendas may be very prevalent and trite. Strive to end up being creative.

Make remarks on everything you plan on saying/elaborating about every single item inside the outline design template. Practicing your speech a few times should be sufficient preparation to do well. Familiarizing yourself with it will also get rid of rambling. Know what you will say (and certainly not say) about each item and the handbag. Having a well prepared " initial statement” and " ending” statement will also help keep you focused.

Make sure to integrate personal information (home town, key, year in college) along with interesting stories about the items inside your bag.

Innovative Good examples:

A handbag of espresso bought in Venezuela (en-route home coming from serving in Desert Storm); a packed cow (she claimed to get bull-headed); a map (he claimed to...