Legalizing Marijuana

 Legalizing Cannabis Essay

Legalizing Marijuana

AshleyAnn Zenk

January 7, 2013

SOC 120: Introduction to Ethics and Sociable Responsibility

Instructor: David Follicle

Let's rewind the clocks and take ourselves returning to the days the moment there was not a attention in the world. When folks were caring, love was free, and marijuana was obviously a hallmark with the counterculture. Bell bottoms and long hair covered in bandannas was the style to wear. Everybody drove muscle mass cars and listened to stone. Yes, My spouse and i am acquiring us back to the 1960's. The real tale here which i am trying to point out is people were capable to smoke a joint located on the street therefore you couldn't join trouble for achieveing a carrier of pan in your pocket. At this point day's having caught having a joint could land you in jail, which has a ticket, or on devoir. It's simply pot, and so what's the situation? Throughout this paper I will explain why it's less big of your issue because people help to make it out to get.

The recreational use of marijuana has become legal (depending on your definition) in Colorado and Buenos aires. Over a dozen other states have decriminalized own small amounts and Massachusetts just lately became the 18th condition to allow the use to get medicinal purposes. Through federal law nonetheless bans the sale and possession of pot president Obama has said the us government has " bigger fish to fry” and will not aggressively prosecute tokers in states exactly where its use is legal. Container smokers of the world unite! You could have nothing to drop but your tube dreams. Legalizing marijuana is a beginning and much from ending.

The protesters which have been against legalizing marijuana are over offered about the situation, so that it is seem even more hazardous than it actually is. You need to open up their eyes and actually see that marijuana is safer to employ than alcohol. People need to point out that it is truly indeed practically impossible to dose upon smoking cannabis. I mean yes you can get to " high” and distribute, but it will not hurt you or cause you to be go to the...

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