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Strong points: niche market leader, product technology, customer focused, quality, innovation, brand, corporate and business social responsibility, and durability Weaknesses: perceived female emphasis, Local centricity, price point, products on hand, perceived as yoga only, syndication, and entry to stores Options: Product diversification, line enlargement, accessories, leveraging perceived competence, category leader, and qualified Threats: Acquistion, fad potential, low boundaries to entry, competition, global economic state, and damaging exchange INFESTATION

Political: child years obesity, costs on health-related, tax offers for extra-curricular programs, more healthy lifestyles and thinking, and leverage community programs Inexpensive: CPI up over the years, improved unemployment level and exchange rate Cultural: yoga users has grown as well as their home income Technological: Online shopping features increase and Canadians are usually more tech smart Porter's 5 Forces

Bargaining Power of Suppliers: is low since the dealer segment is fairly disjointed and fewer focused compared to the clothing selling industry. There exists lot of choice for provider substitution and buyers typically embody an important customer group. Threat of New Entrants: is usually low due to high obstacles of access. The industry is labeled by significant capital demands, access to division channels, huge economies of scale and product difference. New entrants will require spending a lot of time and money to come in to the market, enhance cost benefits, and build loyal consumer bottom. Threat of Substitutes: is pretty temperate seeing that customers will not face great substituting expense when replacement products are lower in cost, the quality performance capability of replace products is not increased. Lululemon offset the appeal of substitute products by disguising superior items with unique customer encounter that is remarkably valued. Bargaining Power of Purchasers: low as the...

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