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This school based examination (SBA) will help to understand and determine for what reason contraceptives must be sold to supplementary school learners. There was an overall total of 25 questionnaires 56% of participants were females (4%) 12-15 years, (44%) 16 years and (8%) 17 years old. The remaining (44%) of participants were man (8%) 12-15 years, (24%) 16 years and (12%) 17 years old. The majority of the respondents believe that young pregnancy could be reduced in the event contraceptives were provided. Based upon the respondents' responses (96%) said certainly while (4%) said that they do not believe contraceptives would decrease teenage pregnancy. However of the (96%) who believed that contraceptives will reduce teenage pregnancy (92%) stated that contraceptives should be given to Sir Ira Simmons students when 8% stated contraceptives ought not to be given to Friend Ira Simmons Secondary institution students. The majority of respondents that engage in lovemaking activities use contraceptives. many of these of the respondents said they use contraceptives although (16%) said they do not work with contraceptives although they engage in lovemaking activities. These kinds of (16%) of students will not use preventive medicines because they are unable to obtain preventive medicines. However just (96%) of the students will purchase the contraceptives if these were given the decision, on the other hand (4%) of these students would not obtain contraceptives. From the research it absolutely was seen that a lot of respondents are not able obtain contraceptives. (56%) of respondents are able to purchase preventive medicines, (32%) get their preventive medicines from their close friends, (8%) obtain contraceptives using their houses with out one find the final option. Out of the 25 respondents 72% believe contraceptives should be purcahased by students to be able to prevent teen pregnancy, over a lesser be aware 24% thought that all it would prevent STD's and 4% explained it would trigger students to interact in more sexual activities, non-e of the participants chose the final option to enjoy yourself. Some respondents believed that their friends would...