Film Analysis: The Virgin Suicides

 Movie Examination: The Virgin Suicides Essay

How does the Sofia Coppola, in The Virgin mobile Suicides, make use of a range of stylistic features (film techniques) to show the movies themes and using what effect on the group?


Director Sofia Coppola uses a range of film techniques to display themes of obsession, the superficiality of vision and isolation in the real world in her film The Virgin Suicides. Through use of meaning, characterization, placing and methods specific to a film such a soundtrack, Coppola will be able to construct the intricate, secret and unfathomable world of the Lisbon siblings. The story with the five siblings, told through the eyes of any group of area boys obsessed with their simply existence, turns into somewhat of the urban fable. Their misfortune translating to the downfall from the community which they resided. Coppola shows the five Lisbon siblings as ethereal entities existing on a level separate for the rest of modern society through her unique and specific directing style; creating an unexplainable, pastel regarding femininity. Through these film techniques, the prominent themes of The Virgin mobile Suicides happen to be effectively conveyed to the viewers, allowing them to observe past the facades and illusions of stereotypical 1990's American suburbia.


The theme of passion and the electricity it possesses is dominant in Sofia Coppola's The Virgin Suicides. Obsession from this film pertains to the infamous Lisbon siblings; portrayed with assistance from placing, symbolism, and characterization. The film can be voiced above by an anonymous narrator, assumed to belong to one of the many teenage kids of which have become in captivated me by Lisbon girls. The particular group of young boys that the viewers are introduced to enlighten all of us into the lives and thoughts of the five Lisbon sisters, perhaps even more then the girls themselves. Within a scene from your film, occur the bedroom of just one of the boys, we see these people attempting to decode the delicate and complicated puzzle of the mysterious girls. Reading through the diary of Cecilia, the youngest and first departed of the sisters, the story of the Lisboa girls is born. As the boys browse excerpts from the diary they start to create these fictional memories like they were these people were seeing all of them firsthand; the actual girls were wearing, just how their hair blew in the wind, feeling every single emotion like it had been their own. Attempting to see the community through the harmless and shockingly naive eyes of 13 year old Cecilia, unable to fathom ‘the outrageousness of a individual thinking simply of themselves' in an work of suicide. Constantly, the boys problem why it was that an individual so youthful chose to end her lifestyle, again attracting conclusions using their ever growing shrine of items belonging to the Lisbon women that supported their persistent obsession. Harry Weiner, one of many boys, exclaimed upon inspection of Cecilia's diary ‘emotional instability. ' ‘Look with the I's. the dots on ‘em, they're everywhere'. He concludes that ‘basically, what we have this is the dreamer. An individual completely out of contact with fact. When the girl jumped the lady probably believed she would fly'. The boys began to personify the items with the Lisbon women. ‘Collecting almost everything we could of theirs', coming from these inanimate and mundane objects like scarfs, school photos, nail polishes –deciding that they ‘knew the girls had been really women in disguise, that they recognized love, and in many cases death' and at the same time understanding that there were a purpose for his or her infatuation; they'd to notice every single small details of the women life if perhaps no one more would. The After the ladies death, the boys ‘began the impossible process of try to forget them', but the mean the Lisbon sisters got cast upon them proves irrevocable; their particular infatuation also strong, all their obsession too powerful.

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Scenes if the boys are fantasizing regarding the girls will be in bright colours, in ethereal settings, reinforcing their particular supernatural character. The males creating the human relationships with the...