My personal Organisational Knowledge in The Body Store

 My Efficiency Experience in The Body Shop Dissertation






SUBMITTER DATE: fifteenth May'2009

My Organisational Experience in your body Shop


This essay explores my organisational experience. I have chosen to write about this kind of organisation mainly because I think it can be one of the most effective companies in the world. Also it is great example of how an inexperienced person can become an effective businessman.

In today's changing global environments many companies have joined the open operate policies, and existing foreign opportunities available to growing corporations with great views and socially accountable attitudes.

It all sounds like a lot to cover in a brief essay so I will expose a company that has in its short, yet very successful living transformed through all the levels and techniques mentioned above. The business is called The entire body Shop. I am hoping you have heard about it for the would make each of our journey more pleasant.

The Body Shop Supervision

Supervision is described as the process of having activities with and through other people. I will be examining the functions of management in which the basics of planning, managing, leading, and controlling apply to The Body Shop.

The founder with the Body Shop is Anita Roddick. The girl got tired of unsubstantiated promises of the makeup products industry that their products could not deliver. She decided to come to a decision that would alter her lifestyle forever. Anita became a manager of her personal small business in Brighton Britain.

Planning proved to be the first big obstacle to master in the street to useful management. Taking good care of buying by around the world for her special products had stepped Anita into a frightening and hard role that she required help with. Anita organized her financial burdens by taking on an investor Ian McGlinn, consequently giving him a 50 % stake in the business.

Furthermore the lady sold the name Your body Shop to personal employees, carefully business lead and manipulated by her own sagesse and values.

Anita Roddick had set the rest of the world and her society a great example of just how one person can make a different and impact to our society. _Never feel that you are too tiny or chanceless in doing anything, as long as you have heart because of it, you can attain it. _ Anita A-rod her do it yourself is the best example, she began the business with one store just for the sake of livelihood, great she is the founder with the Body Shop with shops in 46 countries.

I believe that Anita had become _an ideal example of typical top level manager_ taking on the responsibility of decision, conversation, and info needed to task her business as a serious competitor, looking forward to today's global market. She said once: " The business enterprise of organization should not you need to be about money, it should be regarding responsibility. It ought to be about general public good, certainly not private greed. " I discovered these worlds very similar to my own feelings and thinking about business.

Besides that Anita believes that business could prove to be, it can be executed with take pleasure in and can be an excellent force permanently, she got already experienced the basic basic principles of this business integrity. Working within today's swiftly changing organization environments, it will take passion and ingenuity to settle competitive.

Like Anita I think that business can be fun and job can bring satisfaction not only tiredness. One of my favourite short poems describes my thinking about this:

Anyone with suppose to acquire

Fun at the office

Because you are working

But not having fun

But what if your function

Is what you believe

Is entertaining for you

And not work at every

Jerry Abrahamson " Fun of Work"

I was meeting new people each day, getting get more information on The Body Shop products and how a do business. In order to tell that everyday I had developed " fun" at my workplace.

According to _McGregor's (1960)...

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