My Way of Life: Your own Essay

 My Life style: A Personal Article

Ilga Racika-Racko


My way of life

You know how it all starts, we are tiny and the parents already have their dreams of who we all going to be in the future. This kind of happened to my opinion. My mom was a enormous fan of tennis with her childhood time it had been impossible to learn her very own. When I came to be tennis turn into open to everyone and that's can certainly make money started my own tennis jar. At five I was playing around on the tennis games court with racket that is bigger i quickly am. Well I can say for sure which i missed years as a child. While my local freinds were playing outside I was on the tennis court spending so much time for my future. Even though I did not realize it then. I actually never acquired friends that could be there to me and through all sore and crumping muscles, through tears and pain I managed to get stronger, self-employed and more mature then people at the same regarding mine are. I manufactured my mom's dream come true. From every victory I remember how pleased she is which i am here in America when these other youngsters that were paying hide and seek while I had practice are back home and probably doing medications. And I was actually very happy that I was playing tennis games 15 years already although at the same time I love music more then whatever. At the same time I was playing and giving piano concerts pertaining to 3 years. Yet my parents did not approve that. My friend Vladik would state " You must act on the own best interest. You shouldn't perform tennis and build your life upon it if you love music more in that case tennis. ” Well Perhaps I could believe him although at the same time that is all my existence and I usually do not want to stop in the middle of the street. Because through all these 12-15 years I actually made my dream to open up a tennis academy in NYC. Well my relative would state " The only desirable goal is the creating of happiness and delight and the eradication of discomfort. And since rugby is bringing you a lot of pain and sufferings then you certainly should do music instead as it is what you adore. But towards the end you will be judged based on consequence...