Nelson Mandela Legacy in Leadership

 Nelson Mandela Legacy in Leadership Dissertation

Nelson Mandela's legacy in leadership

On 12 , 5, 2013, one of the greatest commanders of the 20th century, Nelson Mandela, passed away at the age of 96. Throughout his public your life, he put for many people a perfect of perseverance, tolerance and private strength. In my opinion, it is the mix of these qualities that made him an outstanding person and a internationally recognized leader. Neither persistence without power, nor strength without threshold would be sufficient to turn around the life of folks. If management can be defined as progress towards positive change, Mandela's lifelong example shows that the combination of regular effort, positive attitude and strong will might be a method to any leader's success. " After rising a great mountain, one only finds there are many more hillsides to climb. ” (CNN, 2013) One of the best quotes from Nelson Mandela, reminds us that leadership can be not a vacation spot but a journey wherever persistence is one of key virtues. In fact the things that he had to withstand, including twenty seven years in prison in Robben Area, where he resided under intense physical and mental circumstances, sleeping in a small cell and compelled to do labor in a scrape, breaking rocks under the intense heat to get eighteen years (HuffingtonPost, 2013), despite the confinement and the program, his aim to combine the South African persons and to get rid of the apartheid under no circumstances vanished. Actually he focused to enhance his knowledge and also to have a better understanding of all their political opposing team, in all these types of years, he was able to find out language (Afrikaans), habits and idiosyncrasy from the leading white colored minority (Aljazeera, 2013) " If you want to generate peace along with your enemy, you need to work with your enemy. Then he becomes your partner, ” - Mandela wrote in the autobiography following his release from penitentiary (Forbes, 2013). While threshold might be identified by many being a questionable technique, it is not to be taken for submission or window blind acceptance. In my opinion that...