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London, uk Examinations IGCSE

English Materials (4360)

Exemplar candidate reactions from the

May 2005 assessment session

Nov 2005

sent locally, accepted globally

Kopie candidate responses

from the May possibly 2005

evaluation session

English Literature

Birmingham Examinations IGCSE

Exemplar applicant responses

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Schoolwork (Component 3)



The Examiner's Comments with this booklet ought to be read with the Grade Descriptions on page 12-15 of the specs; to the Assessment Grid to get Coursework on page 12 from the specification; and to the published Mark Plan for the 2005 exam session.

Newspaper One - Drama and Prose

Example One (Question 4A), A View from the Link

Throughout the perform, issues of law and justice are raised usually. Chose 3 events in the play that highlight these issues, and clarify their remarkable importance.

London, uk Examinations IGCSE English Materials (4360) Kopie candidate elements



London Assessments IGCSE English language Literature (4360) Exemplar prospect materials

Examiner's Comments

This response details the question immediately, offering remarks on three distinct scenes – Eddie's meeting with Alfieri, the ‘jail scene', plus the ending. The introduction can be organised, and constructive, defining the ideas in the problem in the candidate's own conditions. What follows is definitely purposeful, and reflects a clear understanding of the themes and relationships in the play, although it does not develop the comments to any great depth. The textual evidence provided consists, generally, of correctly chosen specifics. The C grade description applies below: there is not quite the depth to place the response bigger. 24 out of forty five.

London Tests IGCSE English language Literature (4360) Exemplar prospect materials

three or more

Example Two (Question 6B), Pride and Prejudice

There are several settings from this novel, including Meryton, Pemberley, London and Rosings Area. Chose a pair of these adjustments and show how EACH has its own atmosphere and exactly how each is essential to the new.


Greater london Examinations IGCSE English Materials (4360) Exemplar candidate elements

London Assessments IGCSE English Literature (4360) Exemplar candidate materials


Examiner's Feedback

Although there is an imbalance inside the response – there is more on Rosings than upon Meryton – this composition shows a sharp focus on the task, from the outset. The Rosings section shows significant insight into how the setting demonstrates the personality of Female Catherine, as well as the analysis of the exchanges between Lady Catherine and Elizabeth is very sharpened. The helping use of the written text here is also impressive. The writing with this part of the composition has the understanding, and interesting depth of details, characteristic of responses for high N, or A, degrees. However , the second part is actually disappointing, plus the Meryton remarks are more generalised: there is no actual conviction in identifying a specific ‘Meryton' ambiance. Overall, therefore , 25 away of forty five.


London, uk Examinations IGCSE English Materials (4360) Exemplar candidate elements

Example 3 (Question 6A), Pride and Prejudice

‘As they are shown in the book, Charlotte Lucas and Mister Collins seem very well matched up. ' As to the extent do you agree with this kind of statement?...