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1LO 1Worldwide incomeUnchanged1

2LO 1Worldwide incomeUnchanged2

3LO 2Tax treatiesNew

4LO 3Sourcing of incomeNew

5LO 3Sourcing of incomeUnchanged5

6LO 3Section 482Unchanged6

7LO 4Foreign currencyNew

8LO 4QBUsNew

9LO 4Section 988 gain or lossNew

10LO 5Section 367New

11LO 5Foreign CorporationNew

12LO 5CFC statusNew

13LO 5CFC statusUnchanged13

14LO 5Definition of CFCUnchanged14

15LO 5Foreign tax credit rating limitationNew

16LO 5Foreign duty credit or perhaps deductionNew

17LO 5Section 902 creditModified16

18LO 5Foreign tax credit (FTC) issuesUnchanged18 19LO 5FTC baskets of incomeNew

20LO 6Inbound taxationNew

21LO a few, 6U. S i9000. taxation of foreign corporationModified21 22LO 3, 6Inbound vs . outbound activitiesUnchanged22 23LO you, 3, 5Worldwide taxation as well as the FTCModified23 24LO 4, 5Deferral of overseas incomeModified24

*25LO 3Income sourcingModified25

26LO 3Income sourcingModified26

*27LO 3Income sourcingModified27

*28LO several, 6Income sourcingModified28

29LO 3Income sourcingUnchanged29

30LO 3Income sourcingUnchanged30

31LO 3Interest expense allocationModified31

32LO 3Interest expense allocationModified32

33LO 4Foreign exchange gain or lossModified33

34LO 4QBUs and efficient currencyModified34

Trainer: For difficulty, timing, and assessment information regarding each item, see p. 9-4.

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35LO 4QBUs and efficient currencyUnchanged35

36LO 4QBUs and functional currencyUnchanged36

37LO 4, 6Foreign exchange: branch incomeModified37

38LO some, 5Foreign exchange gain or perhaps lossModified38

39LO 5Export salesNew

40LO 5Section 367Unchanged40

41LO 5Section 367Modified41

42LO 5Section 367Modified42

43LO 5Section 367Unchanged43

44LO 5Definition of a CFCUnchanged44

45LO 5Subpart F incomeNew

46LO 5Pro rata talk about of CFC incomeModified46

47LO 5PFICUnchanged47

*48LO 5Foreign tax credit (FTC)Modified48

49LO 5Foreign tax credit limitModified49

50LO 5Foreign duty credit limitModified50

51LO 5Foreign tax credit rating limitModified51

52LO 5Deemed paid foreign taxes creditUnchanged52

53LO 5Deemed paid out foreign tax creditUnchanged53

54LO 5Deemed paid foreign duty creditUnchanged54

55LO 5Deemed paid out foreign tax...