Percy Jackson

 Percy Jackson Essay

Percy Jackson Essay

In Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief, Percy were required to go through a large number of quest to save his mom from the underworld and go back the super bolt. The good news is for him he had a lot of help on the way. some of the item that helped him had been the protect, shoes, and map Lomaz gave him and the coop that the teacher gave him. Grover and Anabeth likewise helped him during his journeys.

Percy had tree quest to carry on in order to get the pearls he'd need to get out of your underworld as you can go in but you have to have thoes pearls to get away. For the quest he previously to go to Auntie Em's Backyard. During this voyage he had to fight Madusa but in order to do so he had to use his cell phone to determine her representation because in the event he looked into her eye he would use stone. After getting help from Grover and Anabeth he cut-off Madusas head using the coop that converted into a sword and found the first treasure on her pracelet. They then got Madusas had for later use.

Subsequent place that they had to go to was Nashville Tennssee. In Nashville they traveled to the parthenon Where the Sculpture of Athena was. After they first got there they will found the pearl about Athenas crown but they couldnt get it simply because there were too many people. After waiting around til evening he applied the flying shoes that luke offered him to fly for the top of the statue and get the pearl. Very little did this individual know the janitors working there were actually the Hydra. Percy thought that slicing the heads off the hyrda would kill it nevertheless he didnt know that that actually just made the problem worse because for every head that's cut off two grow backside. He applied the protect to block the flames the Hydra was spiitting and he employed his power to get the normal water to block the Hydra while he aquired the pearl again. After trying to work Grover employed the Madusa head to switch the Hyrda to stone so they could escape easily.

The final quest they'd to go on was to Las Vegas. In Las Vegas three of them visited the Online casino which they after found out was your...