Petroleum and Investment Class Rating

 Petroleum and Investment Level Rating Dissertation

Petrolera Zuata, Petrozuata C. A. case study

" La Apertura” (The Opening)

• Target: Orinoco Belt heavy/extra heavy oil accumulation (biggest known in the world) • Key Technique: Opening Venezuelan oil sector to international oil firms • Just how: Profit sharing agreements, functioning service deals, strategic joint-venture associations • Ownership: PDVSA or subsidiaries contribute10 years), fixed interest rates, fewer way more versatile covenants, greater amounts. Downsides: fund must be raised within a lump sum. Surplus funds create a drag on revenue (negative carry)

• Guideline 144A market (private placement market):

– Pros: Just like public a genuine + speed, underwritten within six months – Cons: just qualified traders can buy them Circumstances needed: sizzling markets and investment quality rating

What style of personal debt to choose?

• The beneficiaries should employ 144A (private bonds) to finance the deal due to important advantages and the significant disadvantages which can arise by using the other personal debt kinds.

– Rule 144A has benefit of time – Markets are most often going in the right direction (Hot markets) – What more is needed?... (on the next slip: Investment grade)

Investment Grade Rating

• Agencies take a look at 3 main factors: sponsors' creditworthiness, project's economics and Venezuela's sovereign risk. • Problem: Venezuela's rating: S& P " B” Moody's " Ba2” • Petrozuata is totally connected with country's risks since it is controlled by simply PDVSA which can be Venezuela's condition oil organization and operates in Venezuela • If Venezuela defaults about its financial debt Petrozuata will default too unless…

• Conoco Incorporation. is a subsidiary of DuPont which runs worldwide and has expenditure grade score • Buying Petrozuata is usually indirectly purchasing DuPont • If you purchase Petrozuata your real investment is also in Venezuela and DuPont • Petrozuata job has a incredibly good framework and organization projections • Same comparables with other essential oil companies with other countries and having...