sensory essay

 sensory essay

Gunnar Reich

Ms. Guissi

Elevates English 2

7 September 2014

Crazy Winsome

The clock has just minted seven o'clock in the morning and the sun is in full full bloom. It is spectacular, illuminating the tent and making it difficult to see because of it's substantive brightness. Over the lake is a mantis green meadow with a prodigious, dark brown mountain standing tall at it's rear. Snow from the extended, frigid winter still engraves it's confront. It looks quite appetizing, as it resembles pulled cream spread about on a piece of A language like german chocolate cake. The sun is better than down with force, little by little melting the snow's life away and creating an unpleasant glare because of this. The forest surrounding the lake are as green as ever, motivated by the snow runoff that creeps slowly into their roots, quenching all their thirst, nourishing their growth. The skies is brandeis blue such as the tropical marine in the Bahamas. The dazzling blue lake is shimmering and looks as inviting and refreshing as ever before. Everything seems like it goes where it truly is, helping to perform it's part to create the appealing picture. It is beauty at it's finest, simplest and most natural. The satisfying smells of breakfast flow across the pond as the boy scouts cook bacon and chicken, preparing for a big day of adventure ahead. Fragrances of campfires from the previous night still stick around in the air. The fragrance returns childhood remembrances of seated around the campfire with family and friends, telling reports and cooking marshmallows, laughing the night away. The fresh, strong scents of pine and cedar whelm the bacon and chicken, sending the message that trees guideline the backwoods. The specific aromas of lake normal water and granite rock fill up the air as well. All of it combines to create one of the best smells on the globe. Just after that, the odious scents of fish guts, from the morning hours fisherman cleaning up their trophies, ruin the sublime smell in really entirety. Wild birds of all types provide a entrance row chair to the parrot opera, since...