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Because of the development that occurs in a region, there are always factors behind organization to spring up possibly small or perhaps large. In both circumstances the need for the auditors possibly internal or perhaps external to measure the books, record and internal control over the organization is imperative. Inside auditors are employee associated with an organization whom works specifically for this sort of organization. All their function partially overlaps with those of external auditors. The function of the internal auditor is determined by management and varies from one firm to the other. The function of an exterior auditor is laid down in law and their opportunity of work is included in the notice of involvement. The need for auditors arose the moment joint share companies and partnership has been around since. When scam was starting to occur there was clearly need for ownership of business to be segregated from the business. Internal examine is carried out by internal staff of an business. They are hired by managing who handles them. They can be somehow 3rd party of administration as they report directly to the Board of Directors or to audit committees.


Founded in 1894, First Bank of Nigeria plc (First Bank) is the leading bank in West The african continent and the leading financial services alternatives provider in Nigeria. The bank's contribution to the economic growth and development in Nigeria over the last 116 years has been influenced by commitment to the provision of excellent financial services. At inception, your bank was included as a limited liability company under the name Financial institution of English West Africa (BBWA), with the head office at first in Gatwick.

In response into a rapid changing economic and business environment, FBN possess at various time updated its operations. In 1957 its name was changed from British Financial institution of Western Africa to Bank of West Africa Limited. In 1966, next its combination with Traditional bank, UK, this adopted the name Standard Bank of...