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 Marketing Strategy-Coffee Mate Article


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CASE STUDY--------Coffee-Mate


1 . Exactly what are the main benefits associated with Coffee-Mate and what is restricting its revenue?

The benefits of Coffee-Mate for customers had been many. To begin with, it can be whitening product instead of dairy. If users do not get dairy nearby, they can put Coffee-Mate into coffee, as the similar style to dairy or cream. Also, Coffee-Mate can sometimes provides benefits of relaxing and fun for dedicated creamer users, due to the improvement of style. Loyal users think coffee's taste is way better than the one without Coffee-Mate. It offers buyers sweet flavor, though there is not any sugar in it. Besides, various kinds of flavors of Coffee-Mate can be chose by espresso users. They are presented in traditional favourites, fat-free and seasonal favourites (Larkin, S 2011). Because of large selective of favourites, Coffee-Mate meets specific customer's requirements. In addition , Coffee-Mate requires zero refrigeration for storage, and its powder provides a shelf-life up to 24 months (Nestle Pro, 2011). Last advantage is that numerous packet sizes are available to coffee users. The volume ranges are via 100g to 1kg, which usually satisfy the consumers' demands several size of Coffee-Mate.

The limitations of Coffee-Mate sales are mainly as a result of negative aspect of nonusers ' perceptions. They regard Coffee-Mate as dried up milk that is certainly typically used for an emergency, and the poor taste qualities will probably be apparent. Next to, nonuser insists that caffeine already replace the taste because of a variety of Coffee-Mate flavours. For those who are extremely careful with their pounds, they think guilt in using Coffee-Mate because it is comparable to cream like the sweet style. Otherwise, non-users consider Coffee-Mate is bad because of elevating creamy association. In views of the foregoing, they can make limited volume of Coffee-Mate product sales.

2 . Should Coffee-Mate end up being mass...