Reaction of Chapter1 in every area of your life and Functions of Rizal

 Reaction of Chapter1 in Life and Works of Rizal Composition


The panaromic review of the Korea composed of interpersonal structure, educational system, political system and sources of abuses in the management system.

The Filipinos are ruled by the Spaniards in the 19th century. The Spaniards claimed all forms of taxes even though the Filipinos happen to be appointed to utilize the Spaniards. The poor started to be poorer as a result of being slaves. The sociable structure from the Philippines inside the 19th 100 years is like a pyramid wherever in the The spanish language officials and friars has got the authority and power. They will enjoyed their positions is to do what they want. At the center is the indigenous mestizo's. This can be a mixed of racial origins (the Filipinos and Spaniards) and in the base is the biggest and cheapest natives or the Filipinos.

The Philippines inside the 19th century in terms of educational system has a low quality of education simply because there was no methodical supervision of faculty, very poor class facilitates. Not enough tables, ergonomic chairs, classrooms. Likewise absence of educating materials just like books, visual aid, and so forth So learners not really concentrated to their studies because of this kind of system in education. So that it should have teaching schools for the instructors to develop their teaching tactics, enhanced all their skills the way they explain the lessons. It should have a supervision of school to ensure the educators to be well guided and also the pupils. In political system the officials happen to be being equiped.

The country made available during the 19th century. В The riseВ of a great ambitious, even more nationalistic Filipino middleclass, including educated nativeВ Filipinos, Philippine-born Spaniards and creoles, Spanish mestizos and an economically entrenched Chinese mestizo community, signaled the end of Spanish colonialism in the destinations.