Request for History Books

 Essay about Petition pertaining to History Literature

Brother. Armin Luistro, FSC

Admin Department of Education

DepEd Complex, Meralco Avenue, Pasig City

Dear Bro. Armin Luistro,

We, the students of Entre ma Salle University or college are gravely concerned that our history books that are necessary in the secondary levels are certainly not accurate as they should strongly be. We would like to address this issue determined by what should be revised and provide emphasis relating to on these types of 3 particular issues that we all will explain below. 1 . Americans happen to be kinder, charitable, and more humane than Japanese people. 2 . People in the usa contributed education to the Filipinos so we have to thank all of them for their contribution. 3. The Filipino- American War is usually forgotten by students today.

Issue # 1

To start off, Us citizens were hardly ever kinder or more humane than the Japanese, actually they are evidences that demonstrated Americans are guilty of numerous torturing gratify during their stay. One example is a famous normal water cure, this place torture experienced countless subjects over the time. They were never better than japan in the first place. They gave the same amount of battling to the Filipinos of what the Japanese performed or maybe even more because of their longer stay. The sole reason why persons see People in america were even more humane is because of what they sugar-coated, in the midst of struggling Americans would give us considerable offerings, but enough to cover up the atrocities they fully commited in the past. Many History books nowadays are usually more focused on the excellent things and less of the nasty things they did to us Filipinos. Background books like these should certainly be modified. In my personal experience during my high school days and nights, my professors always portrayed Americans while our heroes. We were under no circumstances deeply revealed on the particular Americans atrocities were.

Concern # a couple of

Education is not really unattainable for everyone who is lives in this planet, for many people " education” is the second best thing what the Americans have got given us, next to Independence....