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 RHIT Specialist Essay

HIT 120 – Guidelines pertaining to Assignment you

Profile a Health Information Technology (HIT) job – BECAUSE OF on Week 4 This kind of assignment will be worth 75 points. Please find required elements and stage distribution in the chart below. Purpose: In this assignment you can expect to write about a health information technology (HIT) job. The purpose of this assignment is always to become accustomed to some of the careers available to STRUCK graduates along with discovering career paths for growth and professional creation. Paper Format:

•Title Page

•Body of newspaper minimum two pages, dual spaced, font 12, In-text Citations in APA Formatting

•Reference/Resource page (APA Formatting Required)


Conduct a search in the Internet and/or books and publications. A fantastic place to start is usually:

•AHIMA's pupil website

•AHIMA's Health Information Professions webpage

• US Bureau of Labor Statistics

• and virtually any job searching engines

• You may even use the Record of AHIMA and other health-related career ebooks available in the library. �

•http://hicareers.com/ Heath Information Professions, sponsored by simply AHIMA

•http://ahima.org/certification/ AHIMA, Qualification and Credentials

•http://www.bls.gov/oco/ocoS103.htm Occupational Perspective Handbook, Bureau of Labor Statistics

Possible Career Choices happen to be:


•Health Information Specialist

• Clinical Documentation Consultant

• Data Analyst

• Security Officer,

• Compliance Police officer

• Tumour Registrar, and so forth

Criteria for conventional paper Content:

Following selecting one, collect the necessary information and respond to the subsequent requirements: Detailed job particulars: Identify the necessary qualifications intended for the picked job, education requirements and credentials required/preferred, work adjustments, and discussed primary regions of job duties. (35 points)

Career path: Check out opportunities intended for growth associated with the chosen work, as well as added requirements and expectations for a career path related to...