High School and International Languages

 High School and Foreign Dialects Essay

п»їIn Uzbekistan over 539 thousand first-graders have commenced to study international languages

About September a couple of schools doors were opened for the first time for over 539, 000 boys and girls in Uzbekistan. To get the first-graders and their father and mother this is one of the most exciting and joyful occasions in life. So that boys and girls may study in appropriate conditions, considerable operate has been completed.

One of the major events of 2012-2013 school 12 months was the usage of the Image resolution by Head of express " In measures to boost the system of learning of foreign languages​​". from 12 , 10, 2012

In a short time was elaborated the state of hawaii educational criteria of continued education system of Uzbekistan of foreign languages ​​based on the Requirements of " Pan-European Reference to get Languages: learning, teaching, assessment» (CEFR), and also the requirements towards the level of preparedness of graduates were established.

It should be noted that elaboration of foreign language schooling programs under these specifications for degrees 1-9 have been accomplished by Might 1 2013.

A new curriculum for stepwise language schooling, starting from grade-1 have been developed, according that in levels 1-4 a foreign language was introduced two hours a week, and the 2013-2014 school 12 months from you grade their consistent execution was established. If in the modern curriculum in grades 5-9 there are several hours of foreign language every week, and a total of 510 hours in 5 years, then in new subjects in levels 1-9 you will have a total of 782 hours.

Developed sets of books of international languages ​​for the 1st level were analyzed till twenty-five May 2013 in 135 schools and 14 of teachers teaching and degree institutions. The textbooks, particularly, the textbook for grade 1 «Kid's English» and a teacher's manual were issued intended for experimental tests, multimedia applications (CDs) were also prepared. The textbooks «Duetsch macht spab» (German offers joy) and «Hirondelle»...