Self-pride Essay

 Self-Esteem Essay

Alexandra L. Locsin A56

Aug 18/10

Writing Task: Self-pride Essay - Obedience



A person is defined according to their own good manners, good ethical values and right perform. All of these claim so much about a person's persona. It is because of her individuality she could possibly be treated fairly and looked up to as a result of how she treats others. Ones character could bring her for the top and conquer everything gets in the way. 1 important value a person could have is behavior. Obedience is usually when you learn how to follow guidelines and deal with these guidelines as a treasure for success.

There are several rules that every and every one of us will need to follow. One of those rules originates from our own father and mother. Our parents nurtured all of us from 1. All their sweat and work are for all of us, their children. With this, we also should take care of them right and by simply obeying to their rules because our parents; it makes them feel properly secured that nothing wrong could ever eventually us. Their very own rules are likely even the most crucial and most basic of them all. Some may be letting them know where we are and who were with or perhaps coming home in or ahead of the time they will told all of us to come home and even helping our bros with the home chores. As well, respecting all of them and putting ourselves in the right placement is a simple signal of compliance. As for Filipinos like us, learning how to talk about the elders with " po” or " opo” is already a sign of behavior. When we learn to follow these and not whine about what the elders are telling us, we could say that we are obedient daughters or sons.

Since teenagers, it really is our responsibility and right to come to varsity. In our schools, we have so much guidelines to follow, should it be in our sessions or in the whole campus. Once our teacher tells us to find some options for each of our paper or bring certain materials intended for our task and we take action, it is a signal of obedience. When our classmate asks for our favor to do a selected part of each of our...