Stay Precious metal

 Stay Gold Essay

Stay Rare metal

By: Julie Pratt

In the end of the book " The Outsiders” simply by S. E Hinton, Johnny Cade's previous words to Ponyboy were " Stay gold, Ponyboy. Stay gold…” (pg 148). One way to translate Johnny's phrases would be that he meant for Ponyboy to keep his chasteness. Another way is always to say that Johnny meant for Ponyboy to stay faithful to who he was. It is also which he intended for Ponyboy to stay to be a generally good person, pure of heart and mind. Johnny's last words to Ponyboy had a double meaning: this individual wanted Ponyboy to keep his purity, to never change who he was, and for him never to turn hard like other members of the gang. When ever Johnny tells Ponyboy to be gold he can referring to the poem " Nothing Precious metal Can Stay” by Robert Frost. The poem says that all very good must come to an end eventually, including childhood purity. Ponyboy pieces himself in addition to the other Greasers by looking in everything using a different point of view. He viewed fighting to be completely ineffective. " I am just sick of that because it does not do any good” (pg 117). Ponyboy likewise realizes that despite what many may think things are rough all over. Nobody's life is excellent, no matter their particular social course. Finally, Ponyboy realizes that Darry will not hate him, but is trying to do precisely what is best for him. Throughout the novel we see a gradual difference in Ponyboy. If you really think about this though, Ponyboy doesn't genuinely change as a person- he just begins to grow up. Life is starting to harden him. Johnny is attempting to tell Ponyboy to try to keep hold of his child-like innocence just as much as he can, whether or not it may be challenging. One thing that Johnny intended by " stay gold” was that he didn't need Ponyboy to alter who having been. When Ponyboy, Johnny, and Two-Bit happen to be confronted by a team of Socials, the first effect the others experienced was to grab a system. Ponyboy gets handed one particular, but he says " We couldn't make use of this…I couldn't ever lower anyone” (Pg 45). Johnny's words were shadowed the majority of obviously once Ponyboy was...