Tutor Centered And Learner Based

 Teacher Focused And Student Centered Essay


Student-centered learning is viewed as a progressive method of teaching. Major in student-centered learning should be to make college students more aware of the material they are learning and why it is important. Teachers make students even more active in the class room, by motivating them to connect to one another. The teacher actions achievement depending on individual college student performance, instead of comparing each person to their colleagues. Teachers practicing student-centered learning techniques encourage students to develop their own learning goals. Instead of writing aims on the syllabus that claims the material which will be covered during the course, these kinds of teachers create objectives exhibiting the knowledge students will gain after completing the course. Professors encourage pupils to learn through activities such as classroom arguments, discussions, peer mentoring, discipline trips, creating individual portfolios and engaged in both self and peer reviews. With some these activities into the lessons, teachers want students to learn skills that can be transferred to other activities in their students' lives.


Teacher-centered learning is the classic approach utilized by educators in their classroom. This method of teaching is very regimented. Teachers choose the course material depending on the program they are required to cover by the end of the semester. Student achievement is based after a way of measuring individual performance in comparison to the function of the rest of the class. Emphasis is placed for the instructor in a teacher-centered classroom. The address follows a strict format where the tutor talks as well as the students listen to what this wounderful woman has to say. The classroom is very quiet, because students work on assignments independently, instead of using their peers. Class objectives happen to be measured upon the amount of materials covered, definitely not the level of learning achieved by each student. Pupils are all presented...